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Unidentified Flying Objects,or UFO’s for short, have been spotted through out history in all parts of the world. Many of these sightings can be explained as natural phenomena, still there remains a percentage of total uncertainty. This small percentage has been growing in recent years. We are at a point now where UFO’s have been making there presence known so much lately, that disclosure is on the horizon. The U.S. Government has been in denial since the alleged crash at Roswell, NM in 1947. Unfortunately for them, the majority of the nation just isn’t buying it anymore. Eighty percent of the world now believes in UFO’S.  Who they are or where they come from still eludes us. Yet the most important question we should be asking is why are they here? With a plethora of documented footage from NASA and our other governments now starting to reveal evidence makes you wonder why? Why now are they allowing such conclusive footage of clearly something other worldly to reach the public. With videos from NASA being the most credible and authentic, you would think this topic would never be off the air on News Channels all over the world. The Mexican Government released footage in 2004 that at the time was the best evidence I ever saw. The U.S. Government then still played dumb calling the anomalies heat lightning.  With videos online for everyone to watch over and over it was obviously not heat lightning. A degree of intelligence was defiantly present  due to the maneuvering capabilities of these anomalies . Most importantly, you could only see them in infrared, but they where there, invisible to the naked eye. Makes you wonder where else they might be. If we are being visited by a far superior intelligent extraterrestrial, why have they been in secret.  Would they not just land and make their presence known. Why would they visit us without trying to communicate with us. I can think of three reasons. For observing us scientifically, spying on us like espionage for a precursor to war, or they are stealing something from us.  On this post I will show you some of the best footage available today starting with the Mexican Government footage of 2004 as it appeared on Fox News, followed by NASA footage.

This was the actual beginning of many sightings like this that were released to the public since 2004. These round disks of light as they appear to be were also caught on video by NASA during the space shuttle missions. Have a look and see the resemblance. I’m going to start off the NASA footage with a short video of some past sightings from space.

Now pay close attention to the beginning of the next video, as a translucent object flies overhead right at the start. Try to follow it because it will soon reveal itself with the others.

This next one is a ten minute video that has several different looking UFO’s. Most of this video looks authentic.

This next video is of a cow abduction. I don’t know how authentic it is, but it sure looks real and a person would have to go to great lengths to fake this. You decide.

More to Come.

This is a cool video for Japan of Unidentified Flying Objects that don’t appear to being flying in any particular formation.


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  1. Awesome informazioni, molte grazie allo scrittore dell’articolo. È comprensibile per me ora, l’efficacia e l’importanza è da capogiro. Grazie ancora e buona fortuna!

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